Health is a lifestyle

Move into a healthy future.

Healthy investments – healthy profits

Investing with the Global Health Group is more than just a return-oriented investment – it is a statement.

The responsibility is ours.

A healthy diet from the start.

Pure vitality

We consider health in new, creative and sustainable ways.

Together we can focus on an important future trend: health

Opening new markets

Thanks to our rich experience, we are able to recognize new market potential while at the same time setting new trends for the health sector.

Lucrative and sustainable

Sustainability can definitely be a good investment – if you know how to do it right.

Focusing on progress

Values are generated through progress. You can profit from tomorrow’s trends already today.

Innovation is key

With intelligence and creativity, we open doors for profitable investments in tomorrow’s consumer sector.

A healthy start.

Our portfolio

Babys Life Deutschland GmbH

Health begins in a mother’s womb

Babys Life is the new ready-to-drink-supplement for the pregnancy. It was developed to help turn a responsible and health-conscious diet before and during a pregnancy from an obliging exercise into something a little more fun and pleasant.

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Our investments and work are carbon neutral.

With us, your work can be global as well as responsible. About usContact


First acquisition completed. Progress imminent.

Together with Babys Life Deutschland GmbH, the first successful acquisition has been completed. This company specializes in developing healthcare products for mothers and their children. From Meerbusch, Germany, this company was the world’s first to develop a liquid...

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Innovative pregnancy drink wins German Brand Award 2016

Babys Life Deutschland GmbH wins the coveted award for the Babys Life pregnancy drink®. On 16 June 2016, Babys Life Deutschland GmbH won the award of “fast moving consumer goods” the competition class “Industry Excellence in Branding” of the German Brand Award. The...

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