The future of nutrition is liquid.

Welcome to the tastemakers. Welcome to Global Health Group.

We ensure a healthy super start into life.

With the first prenatal ready-to-drink solution.

We create true beauty.

which really comes from within.

CBD - we take this magic liquid to the next level.

by transforming CBD into a unique ready-to-drink experience.

We are the healthy part of the game.

We develop the most efficient natural nutrition ready-to-drink solutions for professional athletes.

Pure vitality.

We consider health in new, creative and sustainable ways to stay fit with joy and pleasure well into your advanced years without unpleasant horse pills and tablets.

We make supplementation into a healthy and tasty experience every single day.

Focus on innovation

Our strategic focus lies in finding and developing products with a high level of innovation in the segment of dietary supplements and nutraceuticals within the healthcare, beauty, and wellness markets.

Focus on Healthness

We empower self-optimization for our customers when it comes to health and wellness.

Focus on the customer

The real value is generated through progress. The real progress is generated by focusing on the individual needs of our customers.

Liquid innovation is key

That’s why Global Health Group is committed to thrive and leverage our knowledge of creating next level liquid nutrition.

We transform health into liquid.

German Brand Award-winning innovation is already on its way into the US market.







Baby`s Life has been distinguished with the German Brand Award “in the category “fast moving consumer goods” and “Industry Excellence in Branding”. The best-rated product is the world’s first pregnancy drink ( The aesthetic packaging in purple and white is aimed specifically at women and refers to the high-quality content of this 2-ounce bottles: the fresh and fruity drink is the perfect addition to the daily need of folic acid, vitamins, minerals and trace elements during a pregnancy.

Baby’s Life is an orthomolecular milestone in pregnancy-specific dietary supplements – a high-value product for women who want to get pregnant and expectant mothers up until the breastfeeding period.” Keeping up with the spirit of times, the Baby`s Life pregnancy drink® is a tasty alternative to dietary supplements in form of tablets, pills, and capsules. With more people being well-educated on the subject, the drink becomes more popular with health-conscious women: it is free from color additives, artificial flavors and, of course, free from genetically engineered ingredients.

Thanks to the combination of black currant, elderberries, vanilla, and acerola cherries, the Baby`s Life pregnancy drink® has a pleasantly refreshing taste – a satisfying sensation for every day. Baby´s Life was honored with the German Brand Award for being an innovative brand with consequent brand management and sustainable brand communication. Baby´s Life is the world’s first to develop and offer a new kind of pregnancy-specific liquid dietary supplement.

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We are part of the game.

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Our entry into the US market is imminent.

We are pleased to announce that our entry into the US market is imminent. Certainly some applications still require some basic groundwork like human resources while others like the ample supply of the production facilities with suitable raw materials which were...

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New ready-to-drink concept with CBD (Cannabidiol) on the way.

We are excited to announce that Global Health Group received a new order to develop a new functional ready-to-drink concept. Marc Wallendorf, CEO: This development is a great challenge for us. We have followed the development of CBD in various delivery systems already...

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