About the Global Health Group

Healthy investments – healthy profits, healthy living

The focus of every investment company is, primarily, to generate financial added value. We, that is the Global Health Group, have already gone one step further. Investing in and with us means investing in innovative and natural products on the health market.

The world changes rapidly, and with it the consumers’ habits and needs. By the year 2050, the global population is estimated to reach 9.5 billion. Increased demands and a growing awareness towards a healthy lifestyle will set the focus on a healthy diet and make it one of the most important challenges of our time. Therefore, the Global Health Group invests specifically in products and concepts in the health and consumer sector which help meet tomorrow’s needs of the world’s population.


Marc Wallendorf

Marc Wallendorf


In 2010, Marc Wallendorf became Global Health Group’s new CEO.

Before he came to the Global Health Group, Marc Wallendorf worked as a consultant for private equity and supported young start-up companies in their financing and preparation for the capital market. His professional activities included private wealth management, strategic consulting services, as well as mergers and acquisitions.

He started out as a licensed US broker, financial analyst and trader. Continuing his career in investment and portfolio management, he was able to gain extensive experience in retail as well as corporate business.

The CEO’s statement

We at GHG combine our know-how, our worldwide network with our motivation and innovation to discover, empower and develop new products and concepts in the area of healthcare and food to improve the current life quality of our present and future generations.

The GHG focuses on healthy growth through a healthy lifestyle. We are convinced that the future of our planet relies on intelligent healthy decisions.

Marc Wallendorf

CEO, Global Health Group

Tons of reduced CO₂ emissions in 2016 are the result of …

percent passionate commitment & …

percent pure transparency.

A healthy responsible investment

Investing with the Global Health Group is more than just a return-oriented investment, it is a statement. A statement supporting tomorrow’s successful and healthy lifestyle. We take responsibility and we invest specifically in innovative products, and support concepts that focus on improving people’s quality of life.

Healthiness is true wealth

In a time when people’s strains and burdens take on more and more diverse forms, it is more and more important to stay fit and healthy. Physical and mental stress are an almost normal issue in our everyday lives. The reasons for this are numerous: stress, poor nutrition, bad air, water and soil quality, etc. The physical and mental stress of each individual is increasing, which is why tomorrow’s consumer will be paying more attention to a product’s quality, origin, ingredients and additives.

Conscious living – conscious investing

It is high time to realize again, why it is necessary and how worthwhile it can be to invest in young, innovative companies. We, the Global Health Group, believe that in tomorrow’s global consumer sector there are lucrative investments which can be found already today. And those can be very profitable for the individual – while being very useful for the good of the whole.

This is why we at Global Health Group are looking to develop, invest in and support products and innovative concepts for preventive healthcare and healthy nutrition on a natural and vegetable basis.

The creative key here is to innovatively and sustainably consider nature and its natural resources. We are glad to be able to work with an extensive international network of like-minded people – from the finance, science, food, marketing and distribution sectors, as well as the environmental sector. We welcome you to join us and to successfully invest in this future mega trend of health.


Babys Life Deutschland GmbH

Health begins in a mother’s womb

Babys Life is the new ready-to-drink-supplement for the pregnancy. It was developed to help turn a responsible and health-conscious diet before and during a pregnancy from an obliging exercise into something a little more fun and pleasant.

This drink is the first liquid alternative for pregnant women who do not like taking tablets, capsules or pills. It represents a milestone in pregnancy-specific dietary supplements.

Babys Life pregnancy drink® is the first dietary supplement in a 60 ml bottle for pregnant women who want to exclude artificial flavors and color additives, and additives such as titanium dioxide and magnesium stearate. In addition to that, the drink is vegan, free of gluten and lactose as well as of genetically engineered ingredients.

The Babys Life pregnancy drink® is the perfect dietary supplement with folic acid, vitamins, minerals and trace elements – a high-value product for women who want to get pregnant and expectant mothers up until the breastfeeding period.

Babys Life is the world’s first company to develop and offer a new kind of pregnancy-specific liquid dietary supplement. Opening this new category of pregnancy drinks, Babys Life takes the lead in this new and innovative market sector.

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