Babys Life Deutschland GmbH wins the coveted award for the Babys Life pregnancy drink®.

On 16 June 2016, Babys Life Deutschland GmbH won the award of “fast moving consumer goods” the competition class “Industry Excellence in Branding” of the German Brand Award. The best rated product is the world’s first pregnancy drink (

The aesthetic packaging in purple and white is aimed specifically at women and refers to the high-quality content of the 60 ml bottles: the fresh and fruity drink is the perfect addition to the daily need of folic acid, vitamins, minerals and trace elements during a pregnancy. The company’s manager, Claudia Brodhage-Becker, says, “With the Babys Life pregnancy drink® we were able to set an orthomolecular milestone in pregnancy-specific dietary supplements – a high-value product for women who want to get pregnant and expectant mothers up until the breastfeeding period.”

Keeping up with the spirit of times, the Babys Life pregnancy drink® is a tasty alternative to dietary supplements in form of tablets, pills and capsules. With more people being well-educated on the subject, the drink becomes more popular with health-conscious women: it is free from color additives, artificial flavors and, of course, free from genetically engineered ingredients. Thanks to the combination of black currant, elderberries, vanilla, and acerola cherries, the Babys Life pregnancy drink® has a pleasantly refreshing taste – a satisfying sensation for every day.

Babys Life was honored with the German Brand Award for being an innovative brand with consequent brand management and sustainable brand communication. In this new category of pregnancy drinks, Babys Life is the world’s first to develop and offer a new kind of pregnancy-specific liquid dietary supplement.