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By 2050, the world’s population will rise to 9.5 billion people.

  • World population 2018: 7.7 billion
  • World population 2050: 9.5 billion

In consequence, there are 2.5 billion people more than today that need food to survive. While the need for food constantly grows, companies also need to face the challenges of sustainability and efficiency in their treatment of the environment and its valuable resources.

The world’s population is growing older.

  • People above the age of 60, 2018
  • People above the age of 60, 2050

In 2050, more than 20 % of the world’s population will be more than 60 years old. That is twice as many people as today. It will lead to a higher demand of healthy food as well as functional convenience food.

By 2050, the food needs will rise by 70 %

  • Food needs 2018
  • Food needs 2050

Already today, agricultural lands for growing fruit and vegetables are marked by depletion and excessive industrial use. The industrial processing of foods, the use of chemical preservation, artificial flavors and color additives as well as fillings are today’s standard – in our opinion, however, it is the wrong approach.

Tomorrow’s trend is “healthstyle” …

… and it is the synergy between a healthy lifestyle and a self-conscious and responsible health optimization. By 2050, 6.4 billion people will be living in cities and megacities. This urbanization and the consequential rising living standard will lead to a global demand of high-quality, nutritious and healthy as well as of environmentally sustainable food.

Conscious dietary supplements

Research shows that people are becoming more conscious about their health. In Germany, 50 % of the population think they could contribute to maintaining their own health, while 32 % are sure they could even contribute a lot to it.

Focusing on healthcare for mothers and their children

In the past, we have seen that families in which both parents work full-time tend to spend less time preparing meals. Due to this, the demand for healthy, nutritious and tasty ready-to-cook and ready to drink products will rise significantly. In the next five years with a yearly growth rate of 7 %, the baby food division will be the fastest growing segment on the market of packaged foods.

Dietary supplements – A tasty drink instead of annoying pills

In Germany, 97 % of the women take dietary supplements when they are pregnant. Internationally, these ready to drink products are becoming more popular and gaining market shares. Especially in cosmetics and the natural supply of vital substances, these products will be a perfect alternative for busy consumers.

It is not just the new and pleasant form of dosage, it is also the transparency of the ingredients which appeals to the consumers. Considering tablets, capsules and pills that are often difficult to swallow, people are starting to feel more comfortable with this tasty and liquid product form.