Healthcare for the whole family


We believe that it is important to eat balanced and healthily.



This is important for everyone in your family. The future belongs to the children, which is why we made it our responsibility to help parents take care of themselves, so they can take care of their family in return – especially when it comes to a healthy diet. In the past, we have seen that families in which both parents work full-time tend to spend less time preparing meals.

Due to this, the demand for healthy, nutritious and tasty ready-to-cook and ready to drink products will rise significantly.

Nowadays it can be overwhelming to find your way through the product aisle. It’s not always obvious what kind of chemical and artificial additives hide behind the complicated names.

This is why we, the Global Health Group, invest only in companies that develop products to help you be sure of always receiving credible and transparent information about the products’ ingredients and quality to make your decisions easier.

  It does not matter if we talk about work, free time, or the family life – today there always seems to be too little time. The pressure of always having to be available and reachable while being there for your family, is increasingly becoming a physical as well as a psychological burden.

This is why the trend is away from a hypermobile society and toward deceleration and a healthy work-life balance, which offers more time for the family and a better quality of life.

The Global Health Group wants to push this deceleration, which is why we specifically invest in and support products and services that reintroduce quality of life to where it belongs: the family.