Liquid Health


The demand for effective and liquid dietary supplements is rising fast.


The development of the dietary supplement sector has adapted to the consumers’ needs: it offers everything from softgels to chewable tablets. According to Euromonitor International, because they are part of one of the fastest-growing consumer categories on the American market.
The global dietary supplement market is expected to reach USD 278.02 billion by 2024, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc.

This would equate to an increase of 54 % compared to the previous year. The form of liquid dosage has conquered not just the sector of dietary supplements but the complete health sector. For the consumer, this means a greater variety of tasty and functional products than ever before. It does not matter if they are designed for digestive issues, optimization of the athletic performance, brain function or the overall health. Thanks to improved bioavailability, liquid dietary supplements have become popular and they are continuously being developed. They allow new flavors, innovative textures and ways of nutrient transport.

Liquid nutrients are better for busy people




Liquid dietary supplements are so popular because they are presented and offered to the consumer in the perfect way. In supermarkets, dietary supplements are presented as an easy way for consumers to add vital substances to their diet.

This is why liquid dietary supplements are better for meeting the needs of the health-oriented consumer who focuses on self-optimizing their health – and they are better and tastier than pills or capsules. Another crucial advantage, which is becoming more and more important for consumers, is the higher transparency of the ingredients. Every day, the number of those rises who pay attention more closely to artificial flavors, color additives, fillers and other additives, and want to exclude these from their diet.

In addition to that, liquids can be consumed at any time of the day – may it be at work, during free time or during training. There is no need to spend lots of time preparing liquid dietary supplements, other than with a powder version.

According to the National Institute of Health, older consumers continue to be the main target for dietary supplements. In combination with other medication and supplements that are already on the market, liquid supplements are becoming more and more attractive for the older generation, especially because they are easier to consume and a lot tastier. They offer a big advantage compared to pills, some of which have to be consumed several times per day and are hard to swallow.

However, this does not exclude the younger generation. Many young consumers prefer the ready to go and ready to drink liquid supplements. Thanks to the growing awareness of the dietary supplements’ effectiveness and the different flavors, this form of taking nutrients is becoming more and more popular.

Old and new markets for liquid dietary supplements



Much like the powdered dietary supplements, liquid versions such as energy drinks and energy shots were primarily developed for the sports sector in the past. Thanks to the progress made in the development of liquid dietary supplements, they have become more attractive for other markets as well. In the beauty sector, liquids are being used more often alongside supplements in the form of creams and tablets. Building on the trend of “beauty comes from within”, liquid beauty treatments were developed with special nutrients for beauty regeneration processes such as protecting the skin from cell destruction and oxidative stress.

However, this does not mean that the sports nutrition market should be neglected. Liquid dietary supplements continue to be attractive for this special audience – energy shots allow for quick energy boosts, but they also support cognitive functions, lower cholesterol and help strengthen bones.

Certain energy supplements also contain proteins that allow for an earlier sense of satiety and that reduce the sense of hunger altogether. These sorts of drinks are popular with and helpful for people who want to lose weight. Probiotic yogurt has become popular in the field of probiotic compounds that support the immune system. Dairy drinks generally belong to the basic foods, however, there are special probiotic drinks that offer additional valuable health-related options e.g. supporting the digestive system.

Innovative and liquid dietary supplements for the future

A tasty drink instead of annoying pills

Due to the constant change within the sector of dietary supplements, liquid dietary supplements can address an even wider audience of consumers. This liquid dosage form is a real alternative for consumers who stop taking their pills because they forget them, do not like them or cannot swallow them very easily. Liquid dietary supplements are a better completion for meals, which is why many consumers welcome them into their daily routine. Innovative formulas for different health requirements in combination with different flavors make it possible for this industry to grow – and make an even bigger development possible.