higher age – higher quality of life


The new ‘generation 50 plus’


This generation is no longer afraid to make use of the latest technology. The ‘generation 50 plus’ is happy about the usefulness of new gadgets and seizes the opportunity to be more proactive towards their health.

Women pay more attention to a healthy diet while men rediscover being active and doing sports, even at an old age. The need to maintain one’s own health continues to grow alongside the varied sports and leisure activities offered.

For the ‘generation 50 plus’, apps and online communities are great for communicating and planning activities together and we make sure you will get your daily nutrients in the most convenient, healthy and tasty way possible.

In addition to this, new technologies offer new communication possibilities between patients and service providers. Already today, a doctor’s appointment is not necessarily needed in case of a small change in vital signs.

Medical doctors can access so-called “e-health platforms” and interact directly with a patient. Also, the self-optimization and provision of one’s own health help people feel fitter, mentally and physically, into old age.