The mega trend self-optimization


A mega trend has a big impact on society’s way of thinking and on our understanding of the world.



A megatrend has a fundamental influence on the supply and demand of products and services. Additionally, it can also influence the political and economic position of entire sectors, organizations, and even countries.

We see this future development happening in the health sector, which is why we invest in innovative concepts. The reasons for this development are as versatile as the health sector itself. On one hand, the need for the provision of healthcare rises rapidly in the whole world while consumers, on the other hand, are starting to prioritize the self-optimization of their own health. In addition, there is also the fact that medical as well as alternative medical technologies and treatment methods exceed the services assumed by the state.

This is why health will become one of the most attractive sectors with drastic growth rates.

Consumers are beginning to assume more responsibility and a more conscious treatment for their own health. Tomorrow’s consumers want to grow old while being happy, healthy and energetic. The preventive self-optimization of health, with its enormous growth rates, will become one of the most attractive sectors for investors. This includes offering the right products to meet the consumers’ individual needs – offering unforeseen potential especially for start-up companies which can focus on the consumers’ needs and therefore will automatically be noticed by institutional and private investors.

Large corporations, on the other hand, will struggle to meet the demands of this ‘consumer shift. In the past their philosophy used to be quantity over quality, favoring industrial mass production of foods, predatory pricing, and the use of chemical additives and substitutes, as well as artificial flavors and color additives.

For the consumer, it is crucial that the consumer can use today’s technology to his advantage and self-optimization.
Using apps, smartwatches and fitness trackers is perfect for monitoring and controlling the blood values, heart rate, weight, etc. These developments are perfect not just for the mobile health provision, but also for meeting the consumers’ needs.

… every trend requires the perfect moment. Be on the lookout for it.

The times of uncontrolled acceleration in the everyday work life are over. They are being replaced by increased productivity and leadership skills in combination with optimized well-being – a healthy work-life balance. You will hear the expression ‘healthness’ more often in the future, not just in Europe.

We have been observing this for years – but every trend requires the perfect moment to be developed and to be acknowledged.
At Global Health Group, we are convinced that this moment has arrived – which is why we are investing in this developing market, which is worth billions, and its exciting and enormous growth rates.

Feel free to contact us to find out more about what this market has to offer, where it is promising to invest and how you can be a part of it all.